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Drop forged eyenuts to DIN 582. Galvanised. Suitable for lifting applications

Product Code Thread dia SWL kg
RH-EN-DN-06 6mm 70
RH-EN-DN-08 8mm 140
RH-EN-DN-10 10mm 230
RH-EN-DN-12 12mm 340
RH-EN-DN-14 14mm 490
RH-EN-DN-16 16mm 700
RH-EN-DN-18 18mm 850
RH-EN-DN-20 20mm 1200
RH-EN-DN-22 22mm 1500
RH-EN-DN-24 24mm 1800
RH-EN-DN-27 27mm 3600
RH-EN-DN-30 30mm 4300
RH-EN-DN-36 36mm 5100
RH-EN-DN-42 42mm 7000
RH-EN-DN-45 45mm 8000
RH-EN-DN-48 48mm 8600
RH-EN-DN-56 56mm 11500
RH-EN-DN-64 64mm 16000
RH-EN-DN-72 72mm 21000

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